MojoLab is a team of professionals engaged in creating and implementing innovative solutions that provide people who have limited access to technology and resources a means to voice their opinions and to participate in democratic processes. We also assist organizations engaged in development activities to work better with their communities by providing better ways to receive and process information  from the community.
The name MojoLab is inspired by the concept of a mojo, which is a bag containing one or more magic items. We feel that technology for most marginalized people occurs like magic. This is particularly true of information technology. MojoLab’s aim to bring this technology, this magic, within the reach of every individual, right down to Gandhi’s “last man”


The Team:

Smita Choudhary
Smita ji is an engineer with over 25 years of experience across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Over the course of her career she has worked on grid power systems, consumer electricals, selling FMCGs both directly as well as multilevel, parenting, horticulture, small business ownership, senior management and later marketing in the automotive sector, logistics support for media organizations, projects for street children with a non profit and helping set up and popularize a community news over mobile service. She now helps manage content on CGNet Swara. Her empathy with people gives us a fantastic bouncing board to test our ideas on.
We also like to have Smita ji around to watch over us and tell us when we’re not doing our jobs.


R. Sreedhar

Sreedhar ji is an earth scientist with several years of experience working as a professional explorer in the groundwater, oil and mining sector. He has co-founded several organisations which include TARU (‘91) – a leading Development Research group, the Academy for Mountain Environics (’94), the Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change {INECC} (’94) – the oldest network on Climate Change in India, the Biodiversity Conservation India Limited {BCIL} (‘95)– country’s biggest sustainable built environment enterprise, mines minerals and PEOPLE {mm&P} (’99) – the largest alliance of mining affected communities, the Environics Trust (’03) and the EIA Resource and Response Centre {eRc} (’08)
He has worked extensively with people impacted by technology and development. His experiential knowledge of how people and communities function in relation to resources, tools and technology is one of our key references to finding problems worth solving. Sreedhar ji has long been committed to democratic information systems, including a mechanism to translate live meetings for multilingual audiences using FM radio. He has been an early user and long standing supporter of CGNet Swara, the community news service over mobile phones that Mojolab grew out of.
We also run to Sreedhar ji for advice when we get stuck with operational issues.


Sairam Natarajan
Sai is an engineer turned analyst who by confession “thinks with his heart, speaks with his mind and does with his soul”. This unique “approach” has held him in good stead through the Indian Military Academy and rocketed him through the hallways of most (75%) of the biggest accounting and consulting firms in the world. However, his feet have stayed firmly rooted on the ground and his empathy for people and desire to do good have granted Sai hours beyond the usual 24, which he very meticulously invests in Mojolab. Working on quantifying our processes and articulating our ideas so that they can be implemented effectively and thoroughly, he also brings the corporate world view to the table, giving us an alternative point of view and one that most non profits don’t often get. Sai is a risk analyst so he’s also very particular about compliance with procedures. This also makes Sai the guy who “watches the watchers”.


Arjun Venkatraman

Arjun is an engineer and entrepreneur who believes in designing for efficiency and economy.
After a year supporting a major telecom operator in the outsourcing industry followed by 4 in the virtualization startup world designing and implementing solutions for Wall Street customers Arjun realized that he preferred building solutions for people rather than for enterprises.
Now he spends his time deploying social technology projects, hacking up ways to link social technology projects (and other things) to each other as well as to cloud services, training people to use such hacks and pitching open source and open standards as a way of life, all for a fee when possible and food, shelter and transportation when not.
Arjun likes the idea of fixing rather than re-inventing the wheel, but doesn’t mind re-inventing when its in order. Arjun is also the guy to mail if you have questions or comments.


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