Troubleshooting Swara: Can’t playback recordings

Hi Arjun,

Wemanaged to install everything and are able to call and record thru virtual phone. But we cannot playback what we recorded. Any clue





First, please install audacity and check that you can record audio correctly on the laptop. The issue is most often a faulty mike.

If that is not the case, then we need to check inside the swara system.

Run asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvvr and then place a test call with your softphone client. Note the output in the terminal. You may see some error messages, please send me those. The other place to look for errors is /var/log/swara.log

The issue might be that lame is not installed, or the path to lame is incorrectly set in the code from your system’s point of view. Lame converts the file from wav to mp3 so if that is missing that may be causing the problem.
To resolve:

1. Run “which lame” on a console and note the path in the output
2. open “/opt/swara/bin/“, go to the line refering to “lame” and replace the path to lame there with the correct path as noted in step 1

Hope this solves the issue.

The Mojolab Tech Team

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