Pipe dreams for Mobile’s future in India

Out of 811 million mobile consumers in India only 40 million are using mobile internet. By contrast  771 million users are limited in their use of mobile phones to audio and SMS. There needs to be more focus on developing platforms that can be leveraged by this user base. These applications include voice based content platforms like CGNet Swara, mobile banking systems based on shortcakes, such as EKO and other such innovative ideas..
Currently commercial investment seems to be focused on the mobile internet userbase. There is  a need for social and commercial enterprises that cater to users across service providers and agnostic of them.
Just as what sites and applications you access on your phone doesn’t depend on your service provider, similarly voice and text services need to be provider agnostic.
There needs to be more commercial focus on what is needed as distinct from what’s convenient.
There appears to be a substantial focus in the mobile space, at least in India, on developing technology to make more effective selling platforms. 
Perhaps the question needs to be changed from “How do we make a platform  to sell things easily to people?” to “How do we make it easier to sell things to people on the platforms they already have?”

2 thoughts on “Pipe dreams for Mobile’s future in India”

  1. Provider agnostic = provider independent = free as in bird
    Provider specific services or Value Added Services as they are called are only a value add if they work for everyone. Otherwise they remain, as most VAS apps do, pretty baubles on a boring cow

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