Swara Goes Live in Andhra and Jharkhand

Swara is going hyperlocal! Over May and June this year, we have deployed two replications of CGNet Swara, one in Andhra Pradesh and one in Jharkhand.

This brings the total number of Swara deployments (the ones we know about at least) to 7.

Swara AP or Andhra Swara is deployed in Vishakhapatnam at the Samata offices. After the deployment we also did a training workshop for users in partnership with volunteers from DHAN foundation, SITARA and AID India. The venue was a community temple in Teslapur village. Trainees attended from the neighbouring blocks including Indraveli, Utnoor and Asifabad.

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Swara JH or Jharkhand Swara is deployed at Solidarity Center in Ranchi. This one is a truly democratic platform…even the hardware is set up by coalition!

While Solidarity Center has volunteered to provide the physical space, electricity and a backup network connection, the SIM card was contributed by the Adiwasi Women’s Network and the broadband datacard came from Safdar.

The training workshop at Bagaicha in Ranchi had a whopping 55 participants…very fortunately, we also had 7 trainers!

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