Setting up Twinkle for Swara Installation

Prerequisite:  A swara installation you can get the documentation at



Getting the Twinkle:

root@swaravm:/home# apt-get install twinkle

Now open the Twinkle in GUI from Ubantu Dashboard


In the Twinkle’s New Profile Dialog Box:

1. Select Wizard

2. Enter a name for your profile: swaravoicebox

3. Enter server details as follows:

Twinkle Wizard for Profile Settings
User Profile Settings



4. Select the default user profile (which can be swaravoicebox)

Selecting Default User Profile
The General Screen

5. Click Ok


If there is as error regarding SIP port, click OK and get back to Twinkle: Select user profile window.


Available User Profiles
User Profile

Select System Settings option fromthe window and go to the Network settings.

And change the current SIP port by 1 and press OK .


If Needed update SIP port
SIP Network Port

Other optional settings (only if doesn’t work in single go)

Set SIP Server


Unckeck Outbound proxy



Now update the user and call text box with following

User: swaravoicebox (name of the profile for twinkle which we just created)

Call : swara-local


Now over a root terminal enter the following to set asterisk with verbose mode so that we can see what is happening in background while we make the call.


root@swaravm:/home# asterisk -r

root@swaravm:/home# asterisk -vvvvvvvr

swaravm*CLI> sip show peers

swaravm*CLI> agi set debug on


Disconnected from Asterisk server

root@swaravm:~# cd /opt/swara/bin/

root@swaravm:/opt/swara/bin# ./


root@swaravm:/opt/swara/bin# asterisk -r


Now call “swara-local” from Twinkle window by inputting in Call Text box and pressing dial.


Calling the Swara IVR
A Successful Call by Twinkle

You should be able to hear the IVR commands now. (Make sure you have alsa configured and sound unmuted)






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