Overview of Mojolab Technology Roadmap

Our technology roadmap is focussed on developing a set of fungible tools that can be used to crowdsource the collection, curation, publication and visualization of content, primarily in the form of incident reports

Swara MojoMail and Living Data - How it all fits

Crowdsourcing Content

Our tasks in crowdsourcing are classifiable into broadly 5 phases


Collection of crowdsourced data can be done via any public medium, such as SMS, Email or Phone

For almost all our projects we currently export all incoming reports to email, to provide a single, familiar content management interface


This phase involves verifying the content, editing it for quality and summarizing it in text

The curation phase is best performed by a large group of people and is therefore crowdsourcable

We again use email for this.

All curators are members of a mailing list. The mailing list acts as the data repository, and each members inbox presents a view of that repository. As long as replies are sent to the mailing list address, the views across curator mailboxes should say consistent

Members of the curator mailing list send back their updates to each message on the same conversation, so each conversation represents the body of work done on that piece of content


This phase involves taking the curated messages and publishing them on different public interfaces, such as blogs and websites

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