Swara is an audio portal platform that allows communities to create portals accessible by both web and phone.

To phone callers, Swara presents a 2 way Interactive Voice Response that the user navigates using the number keys on their phone.

On the web side, Swara presents a blog interface, that can be used to syndicate contents to social media sites as well as other platforms (via RSS)

Users can submit content to the platform both via the IVR, by recording audio messages as well as via the web.

The Swara project is based on two other open source projects: AudioWiki and LoudBlog and was created as part of the CGNet Swara project

While LoudBlog has been around for some time, AudioWiki was developed by students and faculty at MIT in partnership with CGNet to enable mobile phone users to create and consume audio content and link it to the web.


In order to set up Swara you will need:

  1. 1 Computer (Laptop or Desktop), that can run Fedora 15/ Ubuntu 8.xx or better.
  2. 1 GSM interface. This could be a Huawei E1750 or E1752 dongle, a Matrix SETU ATA 211G device, a Topex Mobilink IP or any other device that can accept a SIM card and route the call to a computer using the SIP protocol.
  3. Lots of patience, since we are still a new open source product and severely lacking on the documentation front. However, we try and answer all questions we receive at the forums below.

Download Swara

Swara Technical Support Forum

Swara Administration & Management Forum